Try 8 Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss at Home Will Change Your Life.

8 Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss at Homes
cardio exercise weight Loss Weight Loss at Home

Heavy weight and obesity are the main reason for almost all health related problems like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes etc. To make your cardiac muscle strong and live longer everyone should keep them healthy and fit. To Weight Loss at Home, you can follow some rules and do exercise. There are many people who experience these exercise is beneficial therefore in this article I will share some easy exercise which helps you to reduce your fat at home. If you want to be healthy and make your cardiac muscles strong then try these exercises.

If you want to reduce your weight easily then spot jogging is the best cardiac exercise. You don’t need much expensive equipment or go to the gym for a heavy workout. Only 30 minute of spot jogging helps you to reduce your 270 calories. For spot jogging, you need only one pair of sports shoes. This cardiac exercise is best for you if you want to reduce weight at home.

  • Side lungs:
    Side lungs

Side lungs cardiac exercise increases the flexibility of your body as well as provides posture and tones your muscles. This cardiac exercise is also very simple, keep your hand on your waist and stand straight. Make space in your legs and bend on the right side on your knee that comes to your earlier posture and again bend to the left side. To weight Loss at Home do this cardiac exercise for 10 times with stretch. The side lunges will help you to lose your weight at home.

  • Burpees:
    burpee excises

Burpees are the also best Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss at Home. Those who workout burpees can reduce weight at home up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes. Burpees include pushups and squat jumps. In the first step stand straights in the squat position with hands on the ground. Then move feet back for push up position and do push up and jump to squat position and again jump and stand on straight position again. The Burpees help you to weight loss at home.

  • Jumping Jacks:

    Jumping Jacks exercise

Jumping jacks stretch the whole body at the same time and reduce 100 calories in just 10-minute workout. This cardiac exercise helps to boost up heart muscles and tone the muscles of the body. Increase metabolism of the body. Wear good quality of sports shoes and jump in the air with stretch your body. Stretch your hand above your head and apart from your legs during jumping. Again repeat this for 20 to 30 times for one set. Do 4 sets of jumping jacks to weight loss at home.

  • Jumping ropes:

    Jumping ropes

Jumping ropes is one of the best exercises in Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss at Home. You required only good sports shows and rope for jumping. This exercise improves metabolism of the body and boosts heart muscles with improved blood flow. 20-minute workout is sufficient to reduce 220 calories.

  • Squat jump:
    Squat jump

The Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss at Home includes squat jump also. Squat jump is similar to other exercises which we discuss above. You don’t need any equipment for squat jumps exercise. Before squat jump stands straight and half seat with touching the ground by hands and then jump again. Squat jump exercise help to weight loss at home up to 70 calories.

  • Skier Jump:

    Skier Jump exercise

Skier Jump helps to lose weight fast and easily. For the skier, jump exercise stands straight and jump with full speed as you can for 1 minute. The speed of jump boost metabolism and increase blood in the vessels. Boost cardiac heart muscles and improve stamina. Without workout in the gym and using types of equipment you can weight loss at home.

  • Pilates 100:

    Pilates 100 exercise

Pilates 100 is the best cardio exercise for weight loss at home. In this exercise lie down by up face and bend your knee up to 90 degrees with hips. Then lift up your head, shoulders with an upper part and count for 10-10 for inhaling and exhale. Again lie down and continues the same step till 100 counts.

These cardio exercises for weight loss at home have best results and you can also try one of them. So get ready to fight with obesity and cardiac disease. Make your heart muscles strong and boost your metabolism. Be healthy and live healthily.

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